Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Poetic Devices in Songs

Students in 6-03 have been hard at work looking for examples of similes, metaphors and personification in songs.  They had to find 2 examples of each and explain what the artist (singer) is really trying to say.  They took small parts of videos that include the examples and made their own video to demonstrate an understanding of poetic devices.

Here is one example!

This is Taylor and Juliette's Video:

Please check back for more!
I will post them as I get them!

This is Izzy's Video:

This is Sarah's Video:

This is Jersey's Video:

This is Briana and Mouna's Video:

This is Hudson and Hayden's Video:

This is Hartley and Hayden's Video:

This is Madison and Kiara's Video:

This is Daniel and Melvin's Video:

This is Kelsie and Becky's Video:

This is David and Logan's Video:

This is Quintin, Angelo and Shareef's Video:

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